The SNIDER name on the web.

My great-great-grandfather John C. Snider came to the United States from Germany in the 1850s with the German spelling Schneider. Later in his life the spelling was changed to Snider, and we've kept it that way ever since.

John's wife was Martha Ann Murphy

My great-grandfather William Henry Snider and his wife Viola (née Viola Dunkleberger) lived in upstate New York, first Lockport then Ellicottville. They had about 14 sons and daughters, of whom my grandfather John Henry Snider was the oldest son, born in 1910.

We have a family reunion of all William's descendants (as many as can make it) around the 4th of July every three years in Ellicottville. The latest was 2014, the next will be 2017.

This site is hosted in the home of Jeffrey Harris Snider, son of James Harris Snider, son of John Henry Snider Sr, son of William Henry Snider, son of John C Snider.

Assorted Snider Links

If you are a Snider or you have some Snider information you would like to share with the world, I would be very happy to provide you a link on this page. Unfortunately I don't have enough disk space or adequate security to provide a full web-page hosting environment.

I know there are people doing Snider family research, but I haven't been keeping up with any of them. If you have links to Snider web pages, please email me!